#RPGBookClub Cosmic Patrol Question of the Day

Day 1: Say hello if you’re doing the #rpgbookclub this month.

Day 2: Have you read Cosmic Patrol before? Have you played it? As a PC or a GM?

Day 3: If you were in a game shop and Cosmic Patrol was on the shelf would the cover make you buy it?

Day 4: Did you like the short story? Did it tell you what the game was about?

Day 5: What music would you play to set the mood?

Day 6: What do you think about Cosmic Patrol puts the setting before the rules?

Day 7: Based on the Gazetteer what adventure do you really want to have?

Day 8: How does the setting make you feel?

Day 9: What place in the Gazetteer did you like most / least?

Day 10: Would you use one of the ready made Dossiers or create your own Patrolmen?

Day 11: Which Dossier do you want to play?

Day 12: Is character creation too fast or too slow?

Day 13: Did you want more or less choice when making characters?

Day 14: You know someone who might play the game. What film or TV show do you put on to soften them up?

Day 15: Do you find the game rules easy to follow?

Day 16: Do the rules fit the setting?

Day 17: What question would you ask the author about the rules?

Day 18: Does it run smoothly or are there any rules that get in the way in play?

Day 19: In (pretentious) cooking they talk about mouth feel for the texture of the game. If the game was food what would its mouth feel be like?

Day 20: Which of the mission briefs would you use?

Day 21: Any resources you’ve found you’d recommend to use with Cosmic Patrol?

Day 22: If you could add one thing to All Hail the Fictioneers what would it be and why?

Day 23: What rule would you steal for another game?

Day 24: What supplements would you like to see?

Day 25: Would you play the game?

How to Save #rpgbookclub on Twitter

To make it easier to get to #rpgbookclub on Twitter you can save your search…

  1. Enter #rpgbookclub in the Twitter search box.
  2. At the top of your results page, tap the overflow icon (the bar of three vertical dots)  and then tap Save.
  3. Next time you tap the search box, a pop-up menu will display your Saved searches.

Note: You can have up to 25 saved searches on an account.

The Beginnings of an Idea

So as I write this #rpgbookclub is just a few hours old.  It all started with a bit of confusion on Twitter…