#RPGBookClub Cosmic Patrol Question of the Day

Day 1: Say hello if you’re doing the #rpgbookclub this month.

Day 2: Have you read Cosmic Patrol before? Have you played it? As a PC or a GM?

Day 3: If you were in a game shop and Cosmic Patrol was on the shelf would the cover make you buy it?

Day 4: Did you like the short story? Did it tell you what the game was about?

Day 5: What music would you play to set the mood?

Day 6: What do you think about Cosmic Patrol puts the setting before the rules?

Day 7: Based on the Gazetteer what adventure do you really want to have?

Day 8: How does the setting make you feel?

Day 9: What place in the Gazetteer did you like most / least?

Day 10: Would you use one of the ready made Dossiers or create your own Patrolmen?

Day 11: Which Dossier do you want to play?

Day 12: Is character creation too fast or too slow?

Day 13: Did you want more or less choice when making characters?

Day 14: You know someone who might play the game. What film or TV show do you put on to soften them up?

Day 15: Do you find the game rules easy to follow?

Day 16: Do the rules fit the setting?

Day 17: What question would you ask the author about the rules?

Day 18: Does it run smoothly or are there any rules that get in the way in play?

Day 19: In (pretentious) cooking they talk about mouth feel for the texture of the game. If the game was food what would its mouth feel be like?

Day 20: Which of the mission briefs would you use?

Day 21: Any resources you’ve found you’d recommend to use with Cosmic Patrol?

Day 22: If you could add one thing to All Hail the Fictioneers what would it be and why?

Day 23: What rule would you steal for another game?

Day 24: What supplements would you like to see?

Day 25: Would you play the game?